Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleThe wedding, attended by millions of people, was a milestone for the British royal family.

The 2018 wedding set an unprecedented bar for diversity, inclusivity (in relative terms, of course) and modernity. The divorced American actress ushered in a new era that floated gently into the chapel by the tail of her 16 foot silk veil.

But for all those Art Nouveau moments that rocked the usual gilded cage, part of what we love about these regal extravagances, including fairytale love stories and castles and diamond-studded tiaras, is actually the persistence, the lack of change in certain arenas where, if it’s not broken … there’s no need to fool around with it.

Case in point: Harry and Meghan’s commercial.

In a very modern way, they met on a blind date agreed by a mutual friend (although they would have met on the internet if it had really been the now), and their third date was a short safari vacation in Botswana. This is a little new to royals, if not celebrities, even though they’re both adults in their thirties (Meghan is even three years older, also very hip) and had almost all of the freedom and autonomy in the world to really choose .