Queen Elizabeth the second holds her late husband close to her heart.

On Saturday May 22nd, the Queen visited the Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier named after the 16th century monarch. Queen Elizabeth– in Portsmouth, England, ahead of his upcoming world tour.

During her stay, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly met with officers as well as the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. In addition, 250 United States Marines will participate in the operation, which is expected to travel to 40 nations including India, Japan and Singapore.

During her visit, Queen Elizabeth dressed to impress. She wore a bright red coat with large black buttons and a velvet black collar. She paired her outfit with a matching purple hat and black shoes. And while her light-colored clothing caught people’s attention, it was her diamond-adorned brooch that wowed the crowd.

For one, the dazzling accessory was full of meaning as given to her by her late husband. Prince Phillip. The Duke of Edinburgh, a naval veteran, personally presented the piece to his wife in 1966.