She also strengthens her brand for the decade to come, from the 19 product lines that bear her name to the investments she makes in companies she believes in.

“I’m building an integrated media and product company,” she told Ad Week. “On the product side, my focus is on health and wellness, longevity and beauty. I share my friend’s passion for investing in consumer technology and I will continue to invest in the next generation of great entrepreneurs like Rachel [Drori] at Daily Harvest, where I am an investor. “

As unwaveringly pragmatic as she was when it came to making money, she continued, “I was able to build my business with these instincts and think two steps ahead. Being true to others has helped me develop as a person and as a business leader I look forward to growing further. I use the same instincts to invest in the next generation of great founders as I love the idea of ​​driving and supporting them. “

She recently announced that she had started the IVF process with a brand new fiance Carter ReumAfter years of talking about the prospect of becoming a mother with some inevitability. It was always “when”, not “when”.

That she and Reum, her partner for the past 15 months, would be spending the rest of their lives together was a certainty long before he proposed a stunning diamond during their tropical birthday vacation.

“I finally feel like an adult and am really looking forward to the next phase of my life: having a family and just growing up,” she told USA Today. “My priorities have completely changed. It is no longer important to me to go out or be the party girl I was before. I’m more excited about being an activist and really using my voice and platform to make change and to make a difference. ” the world.”