In the words of Miley Cyrus: “We can kiss who we want / We can fuck who we want.”

At the age of 28, the Grammy-nominated singer has already proven that she is one of the most powerful LGBTQ + activists in the world by campaigning for equality and acceptance with her platform and her lyrics. We can’t stop obsessing over her journey from Hannah Montana star to the proud pansexual icon she is today.

To celebrate Pride Month, Miley gets hits from Cher, Madonna, The pretenders, George Michael, ABBA and more during her Peacock Pride Special, Miley Cyrus presents Stand by You. You can stream the entire concert online and on your TV on Friday June 25th.

As Miley teased on Twitter, “I have a lot of guests. Much #pride. AND MANY WARDROBE CHANGES. ”Of course it will be a huge party in the USA

As fans know, this is not their first celebration of the queer community. She came out as pansexual five years ago and has been campaigning for equality for years.