Scared of flying since childhood, Travis started dating Kourtney, his longtime neighbor, who often travels in private jet with her family, last December. In a Men’s Health interview published in May, the musician expressed the hope of being able to fly again, stating, “It’s been so many years now, it’s getting easier for me. There are days that I wake up and never think of it think.”

In June he tweeted: “Maybe I’ll fly again.”

A source close to Kourtney also said the reality star helped Travis with his fear of flying, adding, “His life has changed completely since joining Kourtney and he feels ready to do anything. She helped him overcome this fear and he feels like he could do anything with her by his side. He had wanted to fly for a while and he felt it was finally time. ”

On Saturday, Kris and Corey arrived at Camarillo Airport first and waited for the couple, an eyewitness told E! News.

“Travis took his time and definitely seemed a little nervous,” said the person. “Kourtney was very supportive of him, helping him every step of the way. She made sure he was comfortable on Kylie’s plane with the pilots they know and the size of the plane.”