Something should be, just ask Julia Michaels.

While on the red carpet for the 2021 Grammys, the “Issues” singer shared an exclusive with E! Messages like her and her boyfriend JP Saxe joined after writing their Grammy-nominated single “If the World Was Ending” together.

“It was the first song we ever wrote,” she began, and JP added, “We wrote it the day we met.” Julia recalled, “We had no idea the song would do what it did.”

JP noted that they had written the beloved track back in July 2019. He said it was “another world” and Julia added: “Completely”.

Explaining what it feels like to get the Grammy nod, Julia said, “It feels like the little piano ballad that it could.” Of course, since the single is the song that brought the couple together, both artists have a favorite line that connects them the most.

“I remember Julia first saying, ‘Would you the hell love me?’ “JP recalled,” and I felt like my heart had fallen out of my body. Maybe because of Julia, maybe because of the song. Everything is kind of blurry that day. “