Gwyneth Paltrow almost won “Quarantine 15”.

During her In Goop Health – The At-Home Summit virtual event on Saturday March 6th, the Oscar winner and founder of the Goop Lifestyle and Wellness brand participated in a Q&A and found that she had ” nine “had gained weight during quarantine” amid the coronavirus pandemic that began a year ago.

“I was absolutely unreserved,” said Paltrow. “I gained 14 pounds and my stomach was upset. But I just didn’t want to do anything about it. I felt like my wine and pasta, cookies, crackers and cheese would get me through.”

Paltrow, 48, turned to Dr. Will Cole, a Pennsylvania-based functional medicine practitioner, for help after feeling “pretty awful” and after a blood test showed she had increased inflammation in her body. In February, she appeared on his podcast, The Art of Being Well, and revealed that she had gained weight during the quarantine.

The Shallow Hal actress said she ultimately lost 11 pounds with the help of a bone broth diet and a plan developed by Cole. Paltrow had provided a foreword to his book Intuitive Fasting, a program she described on Instagram as “a clear but flexible four-week plan that combines intuitive eating with intermittent fasting and ketotarian eating.”