Chrissy Teigenis deceased son Jack is at the center of their personal and professional endeavors.

Almost a year after she and John Legend Chrissy ensures that Jack has dedicated a page to his memory in her upcoming cookbook Cravings: All Together.

The third part of her cookbook series, due out October 12, features a simple but poignant tribute that Chrissy shared a photo of on August 12 in her Instagram story. As shown below, the words “For Jack” are printed on a snapshot of biscuits.

In an Instagram post announcing her latest venture, Chrissy said that working on the cookbook “literally saved me.” She described, “I had no topic in mind when we made this book – I just knew I wanted a bright new energy, but I also needed comfort. I wanted to make recipes that are timeless, food that brings joy to your stomach, your household, your environment. ”