Katherine Schwarzenegger I couldn’t ask for a better teammate to remind them of what really matters when they are raising their first child.

As part of her video series “BDA (Before, While & After) Baby”, she talked to Model about motherhood Lawrence’s Spark. Katherine explained this when she was breastfeeding Lylahusband Chris Pratt has a great way to keep track of everything. The couple, who tied the knot in June 2019, welcomed their daughter in August 2020.

“My husband has always been very supportive of me,” said Katherine Iskra, who welcomed her first child in April 2020. “He will look at our daughter and say, ‘Can you believe that your body can feed our baby? ‘And sometimes I think – especially as women with this pressure to get back on their feet after the baby – you have to remember that when you are breastfeeding, as my husband says, you have to eat to win, and to feed yourself like this you can also properly feed your baby. Because for many people, what you eat and how you treat your body also has a huge impact on your milk supply. “