Because it’s hard to feel too down when things are going so well. Moved on with high school sweetheart after three years of romances Laurent Claude Gaudette and actors Levi MeadenThe Campbell Hall graduate has been closely associated with the 25-year-old actor for a year Luke Benward.

Together they recently wrapped up the short boys (director: Benward) and are working hard to play and produce the thriller Don’t Log Off. “Seeing how you create is special,” she wrote in an Instagram tribute from October, “and I know this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to keep growing, building, too together create and achieve. “

After Modern Family finishes its eleven-year run, the actress, who paused her studies at UCLA to focus on her career, examines every opportunity that presents itself.

“It’s pretty crazy that I’ve basically spent half of my life on the show, but it really was an amazing experience for me,” she shared on Good Morning America in 2019. “I work with amazing people and I am honestly so grateful for all that I’ve done and for all of the people I’ve met. They are basically a family that I grew up with – the crew, the cast, everyone – so it’s crazy to be doing something for so long because most shows don’t last that long and we’re so happy that we have. “