McCord’s latest film, Feral State, also challenges her former role to play a “brutal bad girl” while McCord laughed. “I’ve always played the bad girl, as you know,” she told host Sylvester. “But you have to find the nuance in good people [my character] has a little twist … You don’t expect what Detective Ellis is up to behind the scenes. “

Last month, in April 2021, McCord spoke boldly about her diagnosis of disassociated identity disorder. McCord gave fans more insight into their experience with DID and the scars associated with the disorder. “After a diagnosis, after trauma, and after these things, you can still have a good life,” said McCord. “DID was mistakenly called Multiple Personality Disorder, which is why I’m talking about it because my industry is the one that screwed everyone up. I’m not a bunch of different personalities. I’m not suddenly British with tea around noon.”

McCord discussed that DID was “fragmented parts” of their identity after severe trauma. “My mind wanted to protect me,” the star said during Mental Health Awareness Month. “So many things of mental health are protective and the coping mechanisms are actually not helping us anymore. So getting the help you need … It was clear to me that there were extremes in my life. I was extremely sexual and then came to find out that I had a trauma with sexual abuse. If you look at extremes, you know something is wrong. “