Another little thing that differs from their beginnings: Nick, Drew, and Jeff now have 10 children among them, and Justin has nephews old enough to have seen some 98-degree concerts in their day.

“Are you sneaking into the corner and hearing 98 Degrees on your cell phone?” said Drew with a smile from his two children and wife Lea Lachey. “No I do not think so. But they appreciate what we have achieved. At least my children are now at the age they understand. Jeff’s kids are obviously that age too. Nicks are probably still – “

“My eldest definitely understands like, ‘OK, people know who my parents are and they know who my father is,'” Nick said of the 8-year-old son Camden, the eldest of his three children with Vanessa Lachey. “And I always tell him, I say, ‘I’m just dad. Don’t think about what I’m doing.’ But I think at some point they start and he gets to the point where he puts it all together. “

Drew said, “Some people have parents who are doctors, other guardians, other teachers. Everyone has a job and a story, and ours is just a little different.”

And the launch of 98 degrees in 2012 meant a lot to Nick because his kids could see with their own eyes what Dad was doing for a living. “Otherwise you just have to take my word for it,” he joked. “And now they can actually come to a concert and see you do what you love to do. And hopefully it inspires them on some level. “

Or, as Jeff could say with five kids, “I swear we were cool once!”

Check out 98 Degrees’ new single, Where Do You Wanna Go, and the song’s music video premiere on Friday July 9th.