In addition, Holly, who lived in the mansion from 2001 to 2008, recalled allegedly seeing a ghost in the gym in the basement and detailing a woman leaving the bathroom and crossing in front of the star as she moved toward a door . When Holly investigated, she found that the woman was gone and the door to a small closet was opening, which meant that she should have passed Holly again to exit the gym. “I’ve never seen this woman again in my life,” she added.

Holly said that when things like this happened she would “try to rationalize them away”. At one point in Bridget’s room she said aloud that she wanted a sign of supernatural activity and suddenly a television turned on at full volume.

“It took a number of different experiences for me to think, ‘Okay, something strange is going on here,'” said Holly, 41. “I said, ‘I wish I had more evidence that it was real,’ and as soon as I said that, your TV turned on by itself and the volume turned all the way up.”