Hilary Duff comes clean.

Lizzie McGuire alum shared her latest hair loss to her fans in a series of clips posted on her Instagram story – explaining that things quickly took an unexpected turn while she took an uneventful, relaxing bath.

“Well, I just took a bath,” Hilary said on her July 21 post. “And I applied a conditioner to my hair that I thought would remove the brassiness, like the purple [conditioner]. Turns out it was left over when my hair was green. And now I’ve dyed my hair green again. “

While her younger co-star Molly Bernard hearing her “perfect” blonde hair turn green, Hilary didn’t hesitate to reveal that her hair may not be in tip-top shape for an adorable reason. “I mean, it’s not perfect,” she replied. “Be honest, I swim with my kids every day.”

For those who may not know, the actress is mother to a 9 year old son Luca with ex Mike Comrie and share daughters Banks, 2 and 3 months old There are with the husband Matthew coma.