Alec Baldwin claps back over the criticism of Baby # 6

Hilaria Baldwin went to Instagram to share her and her husband Alec Baldwinis baby Eduardo‘s recent health fear.

She shared a photo of herself in a blue surgical mask with Eduardo on her lap and wrote, “We had a scary experience where Edu was allergic. I don’t know what to look at, but it was one of those horrific moments that parents fear . My kids don’t have allergies, so this was a first. No matter how many kids you have, there are always moments that shake us because there’s no way we can prepare. “

The yoga teacher also explained what the camera was not showing, writing, “After he got better, the vomit on my clothes was dried and my friend sent a picture to Alec (who is currently working) to let him know I would Be grateful to you, doctors and nurses and other health professionals. I will not mention your names here, but you know who you are and I hope how much my heart is in your care and kindness. “