Halloweentowns Kimberly J. Brown shares the little-known story about how she fell in love with her co-star Daniel Kountz.

Fans of the 2001 Disney Channel Original Film will remember the two actors who starred in the spooky film about their siblings’ trips to Halloweentown. Kimberly played Marnie, who was featured in the first film, while Daniel played Kal in the sequel Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge.

Of course, Kal was eventually the son of Kalabar, whom Marnie and her witch family banished in the first film. Basically, they could never be together because Kal wanted to avenge his father’s death. As Kimberly put it in a new TikTok video, her character hated him “for the rest of the movie.”

Well, this is not where their love story begins because, according to Kimberly, they “had absolutely no romantic feelings for each other” during the filming.