Usually the cameras are on the red carpet celebrity. But at the Grammy Awards in 2021 Jack Antonoff Basically, “Two people can play this game.”

The quirky record producer would take home the album of the year award for himself Taylor SwiftFolklore. But before that historic win, he sparked a buzz when he decided to snap some of his own pictures on the Grammys red carpet.

He posed with a friend Carlotta Kohl on the carpet before photographers asked for some solo shots. Carlotto stepped aside and joined Jack’s music collaborator. Aaron Dessner, and his wife, Stine Wengler, out of sight.

Oddly enough, Jack suddenly pulled out his own mini movie camera, which looked pretty much like the one we had in middle school. He pointed the lens at Carlotta and took a few quick photos – without even looking!

Needless to say, the harrowing and memorable moment exploded.