With this casting update, you’ll be saying, “Huzzah!”

Hulu announced this on Friday, May 14th Gillian Andersonwho recently received criticism for their portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of The Crown will participate Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult in season two of The Great. The period dramedy that was created by Tony McNamara, is loosely based on Katharina the greatRise to power in Russia.

So who will Gillian play next season? Well, as Hulu revealed, the X-Files alum will have a two-episode arc as Catherine’s mom, Joanna.

“Joanna is a glamorous celebrity from Germany, sometimes referred to as the ‘maestro of marriage’ because she is able to arrange high-profile partnerships for her daughters,” the description teased. “She’s heard rumors about her daughter’s coup and has come to Russia to see for herself. Though the apple of Catherine’s eye and a doting mother, it quickly becomes clear that Joanna has darker intentions to save her family’s reputation . “