Team Germany’s gymnastics team proudly represents their country in long full suits.

The professional athletes trained in the new uniforms on Thursday, July 22nd Elisabeth Seitz, Kim Buic, Pauline Schaefer and Sarah Voss give the public a first look at their fuchsia and black suits for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“We mastered our podium training well,” she wrote in an Instagram post that was translated from German. “Tomorrow we will rest, train properly the day after tomorrow and on Sunday the competition will finally be serious.”

Pauline shared the same photo of the team and wrote in German: “How do you like our new outfits?” while Kim gave her entry a title: “Nice arena, good podium training, nice suits and lots of fun.”

In her own behind-the-scenes photos, Sarah, who was one of the first team members to wear suits to competitions, posed with Brazil’s gymnasts in front of the Olympic rings.

Although leotards are traditionally worn in the gymnastics world, the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) announced in April, according to the BBC, that three of their competitors were wearing full-body uniforms in protest against “sexualization in gymnastics”.