TO UPDATE: Kirsten Sturm shares more details about her recent brain surgery.

“First of all, thank you for all the good wishes I’ve received over the past few days,” the General Hospital actress began her Instagram post on Sunday June 6th. “Little bit of information for those who are wondering … I’ve spent the past few years with random health problems that I ignored as side effects [sic] on my medication or just on something I had due to age. ”

The former Disney Channel star then stated that she received an MRI after suffering “severe neck pain” which she believed caused her “frequent migraines.” She told her doctor to do an MRI of her head and said, “We came across a rather large, very fluid-filled cyst attached to the lower part of the brain.”

“I am very happy that my situation was not more serious and that I had a wonderful neurosurgeon who immediately knew how to fix the problem,” said Kirsten. “I’m not going to lie, brain surgery made me nervous, but I am infinitely grateful to my family, friends and my incredible ‘work family’, who support me in a friendly and loving way with lots of emotions at a time when I felt this way . “

Read on to learn more about Kirsten’s road to recovery, which she spoke about on Saturday, June 5th.