Not the Sunshine State anymore.

Blumhouse Television’s hit series Florida Man Murders returns with sequential new episodes starting Saturday, July 10th, in the most gruesome cases the state of Florida has ever seen.

In a gripping, exclusive preview clip from the episode “Hurricane Homicides”, which airs on Sunday, July 11th at 7 pm, detectives experience a gruesome double murder in Palm Beach in which a mother and her 20-year-old daughter are involved . An approaching massive hurricane threatened to wash away additional evidence as a crime analyst Kendra Scalese tried to solve the puzzling case.

“When entering, there seemed to have been a fight right behind the front door,” said the former Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office analyst of the strange crime scene. “The doors of the kitchen cupboards were all open as if someone were looking for something, but they weren’t ransacked.”

Both bodies were discovered in the master bedroom, with the mother lying face down on the floor and the daughter lying face up on the bed. Both women were handcuffed, tortured and shot in the head with blood splattered onto their beige blinds.