It’s going to be a great time of change for Nilsa Prowant.

The past year has been full of growth for the Floribama Shore star. Only a month after the loss of her father, Nilsa found out that she was expecting her first child Gus Gazada. And just a few weeks later, the MTV reality star announced that she was engaged.

To top it off, she wanted to share all the news with her co-stars, including ex-fling Gus Smyrnios. Before imagining an awkward moment, Nilsa said that it just wasn’t the case.

“Gus and I never met. We met twice,” she said exclusively to E! News. “I know it seems like we’re exes or whatever, but we got together twice. We had feelings for each other for a short time, but I don’t think it was uncomfortable at all.”

Nilsa continued, “He and my Gus, we’d all hang out in groups a lot between shooting seasons three and four. We spent Easter together. We went on vacation to visit them Codi [Butts] together. We went to dinner with Gus from the show’s parents so we hung out together a few times. “