Dr. Jerry Abraham, director of Kedren Vaccines, right, gives Jose Guzman-Wug, 16, a COVID-19 shot while his mother, Adriana Wug, watches at Kedren Health in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

Allen J. Cockroaches | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of daily vaccinations given in the U.S. was over 3 million for the ninth straight day, with several states approaching half the point for residents with at least one sting.

At the same time, the rate of new Covid-19 cases every day remains elevated across the country. The US reports nearly 70,500 new infections per day based on a 7-day average from Johns Hopkins University data, up 7% from a week.

US vaccine shots administered

With 3.5 million vaccine doses given Thursday, the 7-day average of daily U.S. shots is now 3.3 million.

Earlier this week, White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients said the hiatus in Johnson & Johnson’s vaccinations would not slow the pace of US rollout and that the country has enough Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines to continue to deliver 3 million shots a day.

US percentage of the vaccinated population

About 38% of the US population have had at least one vaccination, and 24% are fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

In New Hampshire, 56% of the population received at least one dose. More than 45% of residents in Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Mexico are at least partially vaccinated.

Some states still lag behind. Mississippi and Alabama have only given 29% of their populations at least one shot. That number is 30% in Louisiana and 31% in Idaho and Georgia.

Josh Michaud, assistant director of global health policy at Kaiser Family Foundation, said the differences were partly due to different approaches to vaccine distribution. Some states have been able to make the process easier through technology and clear communication.

“A well-oiled, well-functioning vaccine operation certainly helps,” said Michaud.

Michaud also pointed to the hesitation of the vaccine, saying that many Americans eager for a vaccine have already received it, leaving those next on the fence standing in line. Vaccinating these reluctant populations will require more outreach and communication, he said.

US Covid cases

The 7-day average of US daily cases of new coronavirus is 70,484, according to Hopkins data. This is well below the country’s winter peak of an average of 250,000 new cases per day, but largely corresponds to the summer increase.

Michigan continues to have the country’s worst outbreak based on average daily new cases per capita, with infection rates close to pandemic highs. The state reports a 7-day average of nearly 7,700 daily new cases per day, and is approaching the state’s high of more than 8,300 per day recorded in December.

US Covid deaths

The US reported 887 Covid deaths on Wednesday, Hopkiin’s data shows, and the 7-day average daily deaths is 714. As of Thursday, a total of more than 565,000 Covid deaths have been reported in the US.