Erika added that she encountered “such resistance” from Tom when trying to get her to say things out loud. She also claimed that since he was 33 years older and wealthy when they first met, the status differences meant that she was “always fired” for bringing up her hurt feelings.

The reality star said she deliberately filed for divorce on November 3rd because it was election day 2020 and she “wanted it to be buried in the news cycle,” but the media still covered the news of their split.

Indeed, E! News was the first to cover the divorce and the headline for our exclusive coverage appeared on the screen during the episode. At the time, Erika published a statement in which it was partly stated that “no step was taken lightly”.

After her testimony was released, a source close to Erika told E! News that Tom’s alleged infidelity was the reason for the split. Tom’s team didn’t respond to E! News’ Request for comment.

In addition, the attorney is currently facing legal issues after previous clients accused him of fraud and embezzlement. Neither Tom nor Erika, who is also listed as a defendant on the lawsuit, have not yet submitted any responses to these complaints.

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