A decade later Erica Rose hasn’t forgotten this Bachelor Pad challenge – and for good reason.

It’s been 15 years since the native Texas woman became famous as a candidate Lorenzo BorgheseLove in the ninth season of The Bachelor in 2006. After retiring, Rose moved on to the second season of Bachelor in Paradise’s predecessor, Bachelor Pad, alongside Bachelor Nation stars like Jake Pavelka, Michelle money, Vienna Girardi and the late German Gia.

While appearing on the podcast Unpopular with Jacques Peterson, Rose recalled a remarkable challenge that she described as emotionally traumatic and physically hurtful: “Target on Your Back”. The challenge was for the men, and then the women, to line up blindfolded in swimming trunks or bikinis. With their backs turned, each member of the other group received a question and was tasked with answering it by throwing an egg filled with paint at the participant who answered the question. They were awarded a point if they met their target and the person with the most points won.