Kit Harington want everyone to know the prancing is coming.

The 34-year-old Game of Thrones alum attended the Tonight Show on Thursday, August 12th, which hosted Jimmy Fallon asked about the milestones he’s had since welcoming his six-month-old son to his wife’s home Rose Leslie.

After Jimmy asked Kit what he did to make the baby laugh, the actor replied, “I would do anything. Yeah, I think Rose is the one he seems to respect and love, and she’s his safe place, and I just seem … to be entertainment. Do you understand what I mean? And not even very good entertainment. Just entertainment. “

Kit explained that he was going to dance for his son, and when Jimmy asked if he could dance, Kit said, “I used to be a good dancer, but I put him in his little chair and he likes to dance to it The Beatles. But he only likes it when I make these exaggerated movements. I found out where the ‘Dad Dance’ came from. “