No, Ireland Baldwin was not tattooed by Kendall Jenner.

Despite all the speculation about her new ink, the Grudge Match actress made it clear that the image of a nude pin-up girl with dark hair is not modeled after the Keeping with the Kardashians star.

Ireland’s arm tattoo raised her eyebrows for the first time online after sharing the finished product with her Instagram followers on August 15th. Shortly after Ireland posted the picture, some fans wondered about the inspiration behind the piece, with one person writing, “Why Kendall Jenner? ? “And after a few more comments from users referring to Kendall, Ireland wanted to put things right.

“My tattoo is not Kendall Jenner,” the model, whose parents Alec Baldwin and Kim BasingerShe wrote in her Instagram Stories on August 16. “It’s beautiful, so I’ll take it … but it’s actually an illustration that was made in the 1960s.” Ireland reached out to those who commented and asked why they decided to get inked. “