It’s not every day you come across Dwayne Johnson.

Imagine the surprise of fans when the actor pulled up next to a celebrity tour bus and said a quick hello. Fortunately, Johnson documented the whole thing so that you can gauge the reactions for yourself.

“‘Hey, do you know where I can find The Rock?'” He laughed as he asked in a video that was shared on Instagram on September 6th. “How are you?

While many of the drivers were speechless and their jaws dropped, the bus driver thanked Johnson for the quick cameo. “I have you man!” replied the A-listener before setting off.

It looks like the Jumanji star got a kick out of the whole thing too. “Sometimes they go crazy with screams that are loud enough to wake the dead,” he captioned the clip. “And sometimes they get – literally – paralyzed and speechless. Either way, this is one of the best parts of fame – it makes some people happy.