Ayesha curry‘s name races through the Twitter verse for it drake seemed to name her on his new album.

When the rapper released his expected newest album, Certified Lover Boy, on Friday September 3, fans immediately raved about their thoughts on social media – and you can bet they didn’t miss that mention. On the track “Race My Mind” it sounds like Drake references Steph Curry‘s wife, when he raps: “How am I supposed to marry you if you are not Ayesha enough.” As expected, Ayesha began to be trending online when the amusing thoughts of fans flooded in.

One person hilariously tweeted, “‘You’re not Ayesha enough’ is going to be F-k-Boy caption of the year.” Another wrote: “How am I supposed to get married if you don’t have enough Ayesha. Steph got a guard we already knew.”

In addition to a gif of the slightly smiling basketball star, another fan tweeted: “Steph, when he hears Drake say, ‘How am I supposed to marry it, you’re not Ayesha enough.”