In addition to Black Widow, Disney also offered several other films such as the live-action Mulan and Jungle Cruise in addition to the theatrical release on Disney +. However, a different strategy is used for the company’s latest Marvel film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The film will be shown exclusively in cinemas for 45 days instead of the usual 90 days from September 3rd before it goes to Disney +.

“At Shang-Chi, we think it will actually be an interesting experiment for us because it only has a 45-day window for us,” Chapek told analysts. “So the prospect of a Marvel title in theaters after 45 days will be another data point to inform our future action on our titles.”

He continued, “When we planned Shang-Chi, this title was planned in a much healthier theater setting. And unfortunately at this point because of the distribution agreements we have and just the practical last minute changes that wouldn’t be possible. “