Demi then claimed Steve “outed” her as bisexual before telling her family, and said she would reply to Steve’s messages to avoid him gossiping about her life. She remembered a certain time when Steve held out his hand last August.

“They said, ‘It was bizarre and something you couldn’t put in writing,'” she wrote. “Fearing it would be gossip you heard about me, I agreed to speak to you on the phone. Then you told me about a graphic sex dream you had about me.” I felt uncomfortable and wasn’t sure how to deal with your unwanted and unsolicited sexual progress. So I laughed and tried to get on the phone with you as soon as possible. ”

She continued, “I’ve always been kind to you and you used my kindness as an excuse to get me to listen to your sexual fantasies about me. It felt gross. I don’t think it was deserved for making me feel that way. I don’t think those other women who mocked you so disgustingly at cheap laughs and website traffic deserved it. “