Dazharia Shaffer‘s friend paid tribute to the late social media influencer with a special video.

The TikTok, Instagram and YouTube star, who also went by the username @Bxbygirlldee, died on Monday, February 8th, at the age of 18. Mike, aka @finessekidmike, shared a montage of throwback videos and photos showing him with Dazharia kissing, hugging, and sharing other tender moments. The TikTok video contained text with lovely quotes and a computer-controlled narrator.

“I think it’s time for me to let go,” says the voice. “Thank you for the memories we made together. You are no longer my person [sad face emoji] So … if we’re supposed to be, we’ll find each other again. I still love you.”

Mike, 20, titled the TikTok video: “God bless you and her next [tearful emoji] [100% emoji] #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #fyp. “

Long referred to as a “crush”, Dazharia and Mike have frequently shared videos of couples on their social media platforms over the past few months. In a YouTube video released last October, they announced that they met in person in December 2019.