Reyes still gets “really rough” comments on social media from “guys who had a crush on this 10 year old me”. (Well, your friends “never hesitate to pull these goblins.”)

However, Reyes appears to have positive associations with the cast and continues to stay in touch via group text.

“It was nothing but love and support,” Reyes told The Post of the on-set experience. “I’ve never lost gratitude or wished I weren’t a part of it.”

Black has also stayed close, giving Reyes tickets and backstage passes to his gigs for the past few years, the Post said.

Reyes, who identifies himself as a “self-acceptance warrior, queer Filipina Jewitch” on Instagram, is now reading tarot cards and working on the upcoming podcast “Where Are We Now” with other former child stars. Amid renewed public outcry over media abuse of a teenage star Britney SpearsReyes noted that her trip was “something of a parallel to Britneys”.

The Post reached out to Black for comment.

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