Colin Farrell has requested the conservatory of his 17-year-old son, James Farrellwho was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.

According to the E! News, Colin and Model Kim Bordenave, who is James’ mother, is asking to be co-curators of his person in a limited conservatory. Legal regulation allows restorers to manage the personal needs, including medical decisions, of someone unable to take care of themselves.

The petition on Monday May 10th stated that James has Angelman Syndrome, which the document describes as “a genetic disorder that causes developmental delays, disabilities, and affects the nervous system.”

The Batman actor’s legal team notes that James “is nonverbal and has problems with his fine motor skills resulting in his being unable to properly maintain his own physical health and wellbeing and that he needs help in the preparation of food, eating, bathing and eating, clothing itself is required. “

As such, Colin and Kim seek the power to decide where James lives, access confidential records, withhold or grant marriage, withhold or give medical consent, make decisions about his education, and control his social or sexual relationships.