Chrissy Teigen claps back after a social media user tried to start an argument over the star’s post over photo shoots.

The 35-year-old model went on Twitter on Monday March 15 to post comments on other public figures who often appear to pose for professional photos that they later post on Instagram.

“I seriously don’t understand how many people I follow on Instagram have so many photos of themselves,” Chrissy tweeted.

She later explained to a fan, “I get selfies and casual pictures, but I’m talking about a real magazine like Photoshoots. I don’t know how many good professional shoots they have. For some, it has to be like two shoots a day.”

When one follower wrote that “Selfies cost $ 0,” Chrissy replied, “He didn’t even talk about selfies. Like real photo shoots.”

Another user replied, “chrissy lol you’re literally doing this for a living. Please stop.”

This prompted Chrissy to reply, “Please stop, excuse me, sir?”