Just like the rest of us Chrissy Teigen Don’t be overwhelmed by a hint of a pop culture touchstone she knows absolutely nothing about and just hoping no one notices.

The model shared footage of her Instagram story on Tuesday, February 2nd, in which she looks pretty glamorous for a shoot. She clearly felt the gorgeous look made her seem quite regal, although she wasn’t sure how to express it.

“I am Chrissy Bridgerton, Lord of Bridgerton,” Chrissy said in the footage. She then seemed to realize that this didn’t feel right, so she grimaced and admitted, “I’ve never seen the show before.”

She continued to look to her team for advice, but unfortunately they didn’t seem much better equipped to clear up their confusion.

“What is it? Is it a city?” Chrissy asked. One person off-camera believed this was right, and Chrissy replied, “Oh, Bridgerton is the place.”

Still not convinced she’d figured it all out, the Lip Sync Battle co-host asked for further clarification. “Is your name Bridgerton?” Eventually, one of Chrissy’s friends informed her that the main character’s last name is Bridgerton. Phew