According to a source close to Chrishell, it was only a matter of time before she and Jason started seeing each other.

“Jason and Chrishell have been secretly together for a few months,” the insider revealed. “They’ve always had a connection while working together … They have a solid foundation in being close friends and that is important to them.”

Chrishell, who has finalized her divorce from Justin Hartley Earlier this year, E! News that everything in her life came together.

“I really feel that if you focus on your own life and you are really happy, it makes everything easier,” she said. “I hope it all happens for a reason, and at this point you really don’t know. Right now, I’m here and I hope I was able to inspire other people.”

She added, “I hope that maybe I can be a beacon when they say, ‘You have this girlfriend. You have this. Your prime is ahead of you.'”