Chloex Hall disagree with their long-distance relationship.

In a recent Instagram Live, Sisters Chloe Bailey, 22 and Hall BaileyThe 20-year-old had a tearful exchange and shared how much they missed each other. As fans may know, Halle is out and about filming the live action The Little Mermaid in London. When the duo met on Instagram Live, Halle couldn’t help but burst into tears as she practically reunited with her sister.

“Because I was always close to my sister,” said Halle tearfully. “Well, it really is – it’s different for me not to have you by my side, you know?”

When Halle went into crying mode, Chloe fanned her face with tears – in a failed attempt to save her makeup.

“Oh Halle! Do you know what I’m missing? Pause. You know when to do your makeup and you say ‘Aw s-t'” she said as she patted her face with a towel. “All right, I’ll tell you. I miss your funny jokes. I miss your really funny jokes. I miss you being in the car with me and Branson when we make our little trips around the freeway. “