“She’s not where she should be at all. She has a cabbage line – great, whatever,” said Montag. “But she should be a hundred millionaire – are you kidding? Who gets that great promotion, that great fame, that great locomotive behind, the loved one, that-and-that. The narrator – nobody gets this … narrator show. She should be so rich. “

On Monday, Conrad then accused her of treating her like “a dog” during their time together at The Hills because of her relationship with her current husband, Spencer Pratt.

“When this whole Spencer thing happened, she said, ‘If you go out with Spencer, you’re off the show,'” Monday claimed. “How dare you and I’m not your dog. Yeah, I appreciate that you put me on this show, but that doesn’t mean you own me and you can tell me what to do in my life, I appreciate it. “

While Conrad hasn’t commented yet, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t want to forgive Monday, but she definitely wants to forget that this ever happened.