When it comes to the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings, Mischa Barton is out, and Caroline D’Amore is in. Now Caroline talks about how filming the reality TV spin-off was seriously dramatic due to the women’s feud.

Talking to the HillsCast Guest Podcast Host Teddi Mellencampwho steps in Wells Adams, Caroline said it was extremely challenging filming the MTV series. Despite being invited to perform for season two, the Pizza Girl CEO admitted attempts were made to keep her out of season one by someone she believed was a friend.

“Mischa is no longer on the show, but everyone knows that Mischa and I had beef. It’s documented. That was in the press,” she explained. “Basically we were friends last season, and then she must have walked behind my back to keep me away from the show.”

The actress who appeared alongside The Hills Star appeared Audrina Patridge in the film Sorority Row, alleged that some cast members sabotaged a promotional event for their pizza sauce company.

“I threw a pizza girl party last season that no one got to see Kathy Hilton‘s house, “shared Caroline.” It was amazing. These family have been really big supporters and friends of mine and they said, ‘By all means, hold your event.’ And I had The Hills cast and everything and they couldn’t use that scene after I worked so hard and Kathy and everyone came for my company because Misha didn’t pronounce my name in the interviews. “