Waddell said she never introduced herself as a single mother. But she made it clear that she was “so grateful” for her children.

“I would repeat anything any second just to have my children,” she said. “But it’s so hard. There are so many challenges … I hired help and that helps and asks, you know, even my mom, like, ‘Hey mom, can you come over and help me with this?’ or whatever. “Asking for help really helps, and I think you just get used to what’s going on.”

Waddell also spoke about how her and Evans’ separation affected their children, explaining that their daughter has started to spend the night with her.

“Bella is like now, like I’m sleeping with me in my bed because it got really hard to lay her down and try to get her to sleep for an hour and a half and then she’d finally fall asleep and then wake up two hours later screaming and then she would get into my bed, “shared the reality star. “So I was just like whatever. I think I just kind of get used to things and then I’m sure that when I’m used to things everything will change again and that’s just the way life is . “

She continued, “There is a part of me that is happy to get in touch with my kids without anyone here, and part of me is really sad that no one is here. And so I don’t know how, it’s weird. It’s like, it’s just like, happy and sad and I think maybe I’ll just get used to it. Then I feel bad for the kids … I really think it’s important for the kids to live in a house and then go to his house for weekend visits and he sees her on Wednesdays, but I think it’s really important for kids to feel like it [they have] Stability and consistency. “