Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the bounty hunter, provides an explanation for why he used the N word earlier.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight released on Wednesday September 1st, the 68-year-old reality TV star and fiancée France Frane talked about his 22 year old daughter, BonnieShe was not invited to her upcoming wedding, which will be on Thursday September 2nd, The System, which focuses on people who support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“As hard as it is and as heartbreaking as it is, we had to make a decision that was very difficult for us,” Francie explained why Bonnie was not invited. “We’ve been through hell for the past three years, him and I … And I’m not going to let this nonsense ruin our day.”

For his part, Hund told ET that he did not consider himself racist, but admitted that he used the N-word “over 15 years ago” several times when referring to his son Tucker‘s partner during a phone conversation. The conversation leaked to the media in 2007, causing A&E to temporarily suspend production of Dog the Bounty Hunter, but the show was later resumed after Dog’s public apology.