For those who loved Cameron boyceMay 28th is a particularly tough day.

The actor, who suddenly passed away in July 2019, would have celebrated his 22nd birthday today. Cameron’s father, Victor Boyceand his close friend and offspring star. Pigeon cameron, were among those who marked the milestone with touching social media tributes.

Victor shared a childhood photo of his late son on Instagram and wrote: “This is how I will always remember him. So happy, so full of love for his family and friends. I miss him more than words can describe and I often dream of him.”

“His beautiful spirit lives on through all of the people who love him and continue to support us as a family,” he continued. “I am eternally grateful for that.”

On July 6, 2019, Cameron passed away in his sleep after having a seizure. The young star’s family confirmed that he was being treated for epilepsy at the time of his death and has since set up a foundation to find a cure for the disorder and reduce gun violence.