BTS members seem to welcome that everything is happening for a reason.

During the group’s appearance on The Tonight Show on Tuesday July 13th, members of the globally popular singing sensation took part in a segment where the host Jimmy Fallon asked her to clear up fan rumors. One question revolved around whether V, also known as Kim TaehyungHe had actually only attended the BTS audition to support his friend who was hoping to join the group.

Jimmy asked, “V, is it true that you never actually intended to audition for BTS, you only went to audition to support your boyfriend?”

“Right, yes,” replied the “Butter” singer. When Jimmy followed, “What happened to your boyfriend?”, V replied in Korean, “He failed,” according to the subtitles. V then added in English: “Just me!”

Not only did this spur Jimmy to get noticed, it immediately made the phrase “He failed” trending on Twitter as fans clearly appreciated the unfiltered honesty.