Britney Spears“The lawyer appointed by the court for many years has asked to resign from his representation.

Samuel D. Ingham IIIwho has served as her attorney since she began her conservatory in 2008, according to the filed on Tuesday, July 6th and approved by E! News. Why Samuel and his company Loeb & Loeb are asking to no longer represent the 39-year-old pop star was not stated in the documents.

“Samuel D. Ingham III hereby resigns as court-appointed attorney for Britney Jean Spears, Conservate, with effect from the appointment of a new court-appointed attorney,” the filing reads.

The document was filed the same day that the legal team of one of Britney’s restorers, Jodi Montgomery, stated that she will not step down as manager of the “Womanizer” singer’s medical records and personal affairs.

“She remains determined to support Ms. Spears in any way possible as part of her duties as the Conservator of the Person,” said Jodi’s team in a statement.