The day has apparently come for Britney Spears‘Fans to see what their previous posts on the color red were aimed at, but unfortunately questions still remain.

On Friday April 9, the 39-year-old pop star shared a photo on Instagram wearing red fingerless gloves under a black top. In the picture she put her hands on her face, similar to Macaulay Culkin‘s iconic Home Alone Pose.

She captioned it: “RED IS HERE [red-lips emojis] !!!! “

This followed a number of previous Instagram posts where the star appeared to be teasing a major project or moment with the above color.

On March 23, she shared a few posts related to red, although none of them contained any obvious red. “Twisted Elegance … introduces RED,” she captioned a carousel of photos of herself in a lace top.

A few hours later, she shared a video of herself dancing in the same outfit. “No lipstick … blush … or primer because I was in a rush … but you get the idea !!!!! RED [chile-pepper emoji] !!!!!” She wrote.