Once a tanner, always a tanner.

More than 25 years have passed since then Bob Saget last played Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s dad in the beloved ABC sitcom Full House, but says they’re just as close these days – if not closer than they were during the twins’ meteoric rise to child star.

In an exclusive look from actor Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast interview, Bob talks about his bond with the girls from Full House. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and the Olsens.

“Between Candace, Jody, and the Olsen twins, which of the kids did you get along with best?” He asked what the star answered: “Whoever I was with at the moment, just like my own children.”

“I’m very close to Candace, it’s always been like this since we made the pilot,” continues the comedian. “Jodie slept in my house and played with my daughter Aubrey, my eldest. “

As for MK and Ash who didn’t sign up for Fuller House’s Netflix restart, Bob just loves the fashion moguls.