Blake Shelton will do whatever it takes to win another season of The Voice, even if it means selling an obvious fib about fiancées Gwen Stefani.

The 44-year-old was a country singer and assistant coach during the episode of the NBC contest series on Monday March 8th John Legend both turned their chairs for a singer named Pia Renee. After Pia revealed that her favorite genre of music is reggae, John seemed to think he had this in his pocket as Blake is not exactly known for his reggae talents.

However, Blake took the opportunity to emphasize his connection with Gwen, 51, who started with the ska-influenced band No Doubt and is known for solo tracks that incorporate reggae-influenced beats.

“To say that I don’t know anything about the music she’s playing would disqualify the fact that Gwen Stefani could even be my wife by then, even if it airs,” said Blake happily.