Billie Lourd answers fans’ burning questions about her pregnancy months after the American horror story actress gave birth to her first child Kingston.

Billie, the daughter of the late Star Wars icon Carrie Fisherdid not share the news that she was expecting her first baby with fiancées Austen Rydell until after Kingston was born in September. On February 7, she went to her Instagram story to talk about her pregnancy journey, including a health scare that prompted her to change her diet.

The Scream Queens alum, who posted a call for questions on her Instagram story, was asked by a fan what she craved the most during her pregnancy days. Billie shared a picture of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream with the message: “Ice cream !!! But then I got a little gestational diabetes fear, so it was beets?!?!”

The 28 year old went on to write, “Coincidentally, I know, but this is pregnancy mood for you !!!!!!”