Beyoncé is “Crazy in Love” all day, every day.

Pop culture fans flipped through social media this past weekend in hopes of glimpsing how their favorite Hollywood couples celebrated Valentine’s Day.

By now, the followers probably know Michael B. Jordan everything went for Lori Harvey by switching off an aquarium. Shawn Mendes decided to kiss Camila cabelloToes. And to the surprise of some, Beyoncé took to Instagram on February 15 and previewed her family’s celebrations on Beyhive.

Thanks to a new compilation of photos, fans learned that the Grammy winner and her husband Jay-Z could have a romantic date.

Beyoncé wore a white button-down that she tucked into a glowing skirt. It matched a pair of heels and an Alexander McQueen shoulder bag. Jay-Z wore a black sweatshirt and pants before adding a matching peacoat to the look.